Our Offering

Professional Security Services

We assist our customers with the right security controls, permissions and policies to avoid problems like data loss, disruptions and security breaches. We share “Best Practices” implemented by many of our esteemed customers and help craft new, customized strategies for security across your entire IT infrastructure. With the best of both worlds, you adhere to the expected levels of compliance and earn the trust of the management and clients.

Endpoint Security

Protect your data against prevailing and imminent threats likely to occur. We provide threat protection across multiple layers and platforms such as


Device Control

0-day protection


Mobile Security

Risk and Compliance

To satisfy internal and external security audits and comply with best standards in industry, we offer

Database Security

Server Security

Vulnerability Management

Application & change control (FIM)

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Network Security

With new threats evolving in everyday lifecycle on gateways and applications we offer

Web Gateways & Email Gateways

Advanced Persistent Threats

Network IPS

Firewall (NGFW)

WAF (Web application Firewall)

Data Protection

Business interruptions that cause data loss or prevent you from accessing data and be advertent or inadvertent, we offer

Data Leak Prevention (Agent and Agentless)

Information Risk Assessment Service

Drive Encryption and File & Folder Encryption

Managed IT Services

Having state of the art network equipments do not guarantee seamless network performance. Without a properly planned, designed and executed network backbone, there are bound to be failures and misses. Most organizations may inadvertently end up with this problem however ASIT’s managed IT services allow you to seamlessly correct the challenges and systematically turn towards a well designed, state of the art and strong Network Infrastructure. With network certified engineers, ASIT is able to help configure and maintain:

Switches (Managed and unmanaged)


Datacenter infra

Business Continuity and Disaster recovery Planning

As IT grows so does the threat of Data Loss due to HDD failure on Laptops, Desktops, Servers and Storage creating bottlenecks for Business loss. With simplified and state of the art solutions we offer:

Laptop & Desktop Backup

Server Backup

Mail Archival

Most importantly process fine tuning and contingency planning